sage click vs ross colorado lt

The Pflueger Medalist had a very smooth drag and no detectable start up inertia. Black reels come with a silver hub and silver writing however clear reels come with 4 color options at no extra cost: black, green, blue, or red. Check out our 4/5 write up above for more details on these heirloom quality SD reels. It requires practice and skill, but in the end you are actually more involved and connected to the fish than when the reel does all the work. In general we like spools that are between 1-1.5 inches. Extra FW 3/5 spools retail for $199. But if you do want to change it, how easily can you adjust your drag while playing a fish? Ross Colorado LT Fly Reel Size 4/5 With Line. If you are fishing with a 5-weight we recommend the 4/5. Obviously the number one factor here is the tippet size and what you can get away with. Anglers who fish 6X or thinner tippet, might break off fish on the initial run with this reel due to the start up inertia. The Douglas Nexus is machined in South Korea from 6061 aircraft aluminum and is proof that high quality reels can be made overseas. Retrieval Sound:  Slightly more muted, (more quiet) sound then the Torque, Outgoing drag sound: Sounds even more muted going out, Spool release button: Depress style like Evolution LT – can never lose, Drag knob: Easy to adjust but not cut out like the Torque, Drag knob could possibly get knocked off on lowest drag settings, can’t on higher, Handle:  Nice shape, concave in middle, easy to grab, #4 Bauer RX2  $435 – reel,   $205  x/spool. The Cimarron II is a true “spinner” type reel that can pick up a ton of excess line quickly. The Ross reel lineup is headlined by the Evolution Series. Reel seat machined in – can’t lose or loosen up on you, however dropping it may bend the reel seat, requiring more money to replace a frame, Handle:  Excellent large, easy to grab handle good size and shape but handle doesn’t feel as smooth as some rotating, “Sealed drag” works well, unless water gets in it, Reel feels heavier in hand than others (but feels more durable should you take a spill), #17 (tie) Loop Opti Dryfly     $585  – reel,   $265  x/spool. Ross reels are lighter, stronger, larger, and more functional than others in the industry. One of the most innovative qualities of the R Salt is its drag system. With a max drag of .2 pounds, the Click’s main job is to keep the line from free spooling, and the angler is going to be responsible for adding extra pressure during the fight. The drag system is housed in an expertly ported lightweight frame. .25 lbs. Drag Detents:  Very solid detents (other reel companies take notes here), Range of Drag: Better than the Abel SD 4/5 but still not very good, Handle: Excellent shape and feel – rosewood. In order to get the spool out of this classic reel you have to remove 4 tiny flathead screws, followed by the black side plate. The Cimarron II comes only in black. Once the drag is set, you don’t want it to get accidentally knocked off its setting by rubbing against your clothing, or that log you crawled over to get to the stream. The sealed “power matrix drag system” is maintenance free and has no start up inertia. Most anglers will want the Animas 4/5 since it is lighter and less expensive, unless you require more backing:  The Animas 45 = 85 yards of backing. The Classic comes in one standard color:  A black and silver combination. The handle is longer than the CFO and the LRH, but it tapers down instead of swelling out. This reel is not just a work of art, however. Resistance when reeling in is annoying, and at higher levels results in unnecessary fatigue. While Lamson doesn’t offer an HD Speedster in a size 2 yet, we hope they will. In our chart on Objective Observations, you will see that we list our tested weight, the manufacturer’s claimed weight, and also the weight of the reel fully loaded with backing, line, and a leader. In addition to that, the C.F.O. This bushing system is very light, strong, and reliable – which means the reel remains light yet durable. We love the Abel reel cases, which are easy to slip on and leave on your reel, even while attached to your “rigged and ready” rod. Most reels make a softer click sound when you are retrieving line, and a louder sound when the fish are running, although some are the exact opposite. Longer, larger handles that were concave or with an outward taper felt and performed the best. For the money, the Redington Zero is a great reel, as long as you don’t mind palming it to add extra resistance for fighting larger fish. We were tempted to give it a perfect 10 for such a sweet sound reeling in, but unfortunately the Tibor Light didn’t have much sound at all for the out going drag. The spool release cap is easy enough to use when new, but after a couple of seasons of fishing, dirt and grit have made unscrewing it tougher. It’s hard enough not to lose these screws in the shop much less on the river, so the SC lost points accordingly. The system is comprised of carbon fluoropolymer and stainless steel making it virtually indestructible. At $99.95 we think Lamson did a great job at making a reel that not only performs well, but is inexpensive. Ross Evolution LT 2 Fly Reel Custom Color Jade(Never Used) $158.88. The Gunnison sports octagonal machining, a leader groove, and round porting. Abel –  Generally $20 (including shipping). The Ross Colorado LT is fully machined from 14 different parts in Montrose, Colorado. A fish graphic is going to run you an extra $200 and if you pick an artist series, plan on spending an extra $285-$500 extra just for the paintjob. The Argus comes with a laser textured palming rim. We have a couple of ideas for this. We also like how the full frame design offers the LRH more rigidity and durability if dropped. Max Drag: Very weak, have to palm – .25 pounds, Reel could be bigger, and for a spinner could spin more, Feels a bit heavy  (due to heavy drag mechanism), Handle – nice shape and size (good swell), #4 Hardy Lightweight LRH   $249.95 – reel,   $99  x/spool. Nearly everyone we show these reels to at the reel display case is impressed with the evident quality of these reels. Sage Spectrum LT 3/4 Fly Reel $375.00. The Ross Colorado LT weighs the same as the Sage Click naked, but once it is fully loaded with 40 yards of backing, it weighed .1 oz less. The click reels generally rated a 9 or 10. Many of the trout reels we tested have bronze bushings that need to be oiled now and then to keep them performing perfectly. Adding some drag detents or stiffening up the drag dial would help. In trout fishing with these 5/6 weight reels, often you are stripping in small trout and releasing them without ever getting them “on the reel”. But accidents happen. The Animas comes in three standard colors:  Stealth Black with Moss hardware, Stealth Black with Bronze hardware and Granite with Bronze hardware. When I go trout fishing, rarely do I hook a fish that is “worthy” of playing on the reel. If you need more backing capacity Hatch’s 68 pound premium PE braided backing is thinner the 20 pound Dacron! We also felt that when possible we needed to come up with real world tests that you can duplicate. Hats off to the folks at Aspen, that’s a solid check mark in each department…. But the amount of start up inertia on these reels was nothing to worry about (unless you have your drag cranked down over 3 pounds or more). When we added up the scores we weren’t the least bit surprised at how well the 5 Plus placed. We like this reel so much that it is now part of our “Best Buy” packages, including the 4-weight, 5-weight, 6-weight outfits,  7-weight, and 8-weight outfits. The Gunnison is also reliable, rugged, and efficient on the water. Max drag is only .5 pounds, so for larger fish you’ll have to palm the reel, which you can do along the rim of the spool instead of finger palming it. If we had to single out a few reels as the best of the best, Galvan, Nautilus, Einarsson, Orvis, Bauer, Ross, Hatch, Hardy, Tibor, Abel, Loop and Sage come to mind. This seems to help seal the hole and keeps the reel watertight. When buddies or clients of ours want to get the ultimate heirloom reel they frequently get a custom Super Series Abel reel. We all thought the Hatch 4+ Mid Arbor was a better size for 5 weight lines. Sage Core fly fishing reels. Most of these reels are cast rather than machined. The drag proved to be very smooth, and the reel is maintenance free. The upgrade with the Remix is a machined frame rather than a pressure cast frame like the Liquid. Ross also makes a classic click and pawl reel, the Colorado LT. If there is any downside to the Loop Evotec FW1817 (3/5) it’s that it doesn’t have a very wide range of drag adjustment. It’s nice to see a reel company that cares about our sport and gives back. Drags with zero start up inertia result in a smoother, more controlled fight. Available in a range of sizes to suit varying line weights, the smallest Ross Evolution LT Fly Reel (for 1/2-weight line) tips the scale at just 3.8 ounces. Range of Drag Adjustment This is something we feel reel companies should get right  – so we gave this category 20 points in our scoring. $180.00 . Galvan is using polymer/Rulon bushings that require no maintenance and no lubrication. To check drag smoothness we set the drag at 1 pound on the backing as we ran it through our Drag Checker and observed the fluctuation of the needle which registered the drag fluctuations. $149.95 $221.25 . The main chink we’ve found in the Finatic’s armor is that water can get through the tiny allen key screw-hole, (the screw and hole designed so you can change the retrieve direction of the reel). The 350 LA also had more porting on the arbor, which will allow backing to dry faster. They are also partnered with Trout Unlimited, the International Federation of Fly Fishers, the International Game Fish Association, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. Drag Detents:  No detents but stiffer than others, minimizing it getting knocked off by accident, Range of Drag: Very weak, despite many turns, Handle: Attractive and distinctive yellow handle, good size however flare gets smaller towards the end instead of larger (like the Argus), Reel feels much heavier when fully loaded, #9 Redington ZERO $89.00 – reel, $49.95  x/spool. Spool Release:  Cheap spool release cap:  can come off with too much pressure, Drag Detents:  No detents, drag could possibly get knocked off setting, Handle:  Nice rubberized coating for easy grip, could be bigger and use a little more swell at the end, #27 Bozeman Reel RS 325  $410 – reel,   $195  x/spool. We hope that you have enjoyed our 2016 5/6-weight Reel Shootout. We tested this at 1 lb. Reels like the Hardy LRH, the Orvis Battenkill, Orvis CFO, the Douglas Argus, Pflueger Medalist and Loop Classic 46 all use metal clicker pawls that make a pleasing sound when the fish are running, or when you are retrieving line. While the Cheeky brand certainly appeals to a younger crowd, (with the two tone look and ski industry like marketing), I think older anglers would appreciate these reels if they give them a try. Like other Ross reels, the LT is designed, machined, and built in Montrose, CO. Another traditionally styled reel from Ross is the. You can also add a further personal touch to your Tibor Signature by choosing one of Tibor’s exclusive engraved game fish designs or your own personal logo at an extra cost. With its full frame design it is both light and durable. The Lamson Force is machined in Boise, Idaho from the highest quality aluminum. $425. Although the spool isn’t the easiest to remove, it still qualifies as a “quick-change” reel, which is rare for a reel with a cork drag system. Retrieval Sound:  Same plastic on metal sound reeling in or going out, Outgoing drag sound:  Same plastic on metal sound reeling in or going out, Spool Release:  Spool latch can’t be lost – unless screws come off. Reel seat has rivets instead of screws (shouldn’t loosen)? 4. While the Ross Rapid has its attributes, we think the Fly Rise (which was like an inexpensive Ross Evolution), was a much better reel. With true “spinning” type reels like the Cheeky or 3-Tand, retrieval rates using this technique were even faster. But when we added the figures up, it simply didn’t do as well as the other click style reels. $7.85 shipping. The best reels have little or no resistance. Otherwise, maintenance free is the easiest way to go…, Spool to Frame Tolerances – 10 points available. Many of these 5/6 weight reels we tested are machined from a solid block of high-grade aircraft aluminum and then anodized with very hard finishes. Here’s another reel that I thought would finish much higher. To obtain the figures for the range of drag adjustment using our drag checker we set the drag coming straight off the reel at .25 lb. range. What these reels may lack in drag range and maximum drag performance they make up for with tradition and character. While we don’t love single turn drags, this one is actually not too bad as it doesn’t suffer the same drop off as some of the other reels. Hours. (10 revolutions)!? In our shop we keep a record of the precise backing capacities we have used for loading reels of different sizes and manufacturers. Use some kind of 0-ring to stop water from getting through. Support. Reel seat machined in – can’t lose or have it loosen up on you, however it could get dented if you drop it, which may require a frame replacement. We are unaware of any manufacturer that does not honor a one year replacement or repair warranty for manufacturer’s defects. Range of Drag Adjustment – 20 points available. Is it just me or does this drag smell funky? While our first impressions of these reels were very good, we didn’t have the time to explore them further, and no one came into the shop asking if we had one of those “Three Tand” reels. The attractive rosewood handle is agreeable and easy to grab without looking. Unfortunately I’m not sure how they could eliminate much weight unless they devise a significantly lighter drag system. Sage Spectrum LT 3/4 Fly Reel $375.00. At 5.1 ounces (fully loaded) Hardy LRH Lightweight isn’t as light some of the lightest click style reels, but it is still exceptionally light and balances well with today’s 5-weight rods. Our multi-purpose reels deliver unmatched performance and reliability under the harshest fly fishing conditions. Turnaround time is less than two weeks. Retrieval Sound:  A pleasant sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound: Slightly muted going out, Spool Removal:  Easy, but spool cap does come off (and can get lost), Drag Detents:  Not easily knocked off by accident, Handle:  A little thin, could swell towards the end for better grip, #6 Ross Evolution LT 2  $315 – reel,  $189- x/spool, We’ve been a fan of the Ross Evolution LT ever since it was introduced in 2010. Not nearly as good as the Evotecs or the Opti reels however, Spool Release:  Easy but spool cap comes off and can get lost, Drag Knob:  Not easy to turn, (thin knob), Drag Detents: No detents but not easily knocked off by accident, Max Drag: Weak, larger fish will have to be palmed – 1.2 pounds, Detail with casting still has chunks and looks drippy in spots, #31 Aspen 325 MA  $220 – reel,   $110  x/spool. We found this reel was one of the few with a lot of start up inertia, especially at higher drag settings. We then noted the total rotation in increments of .1 revolution. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks including shipping. Retrieval Sound:  Same loud plastic sound in or out, Outgoing drag sound: Same loud plastic sound in or out, Spool Release:  Spool release button – can be very difficult to get off, cap can actually come off with too much force, Drag knob: easy to adjust until you get to the higher settings, Drag Detents: Click detents, drag is stiff enough that it won’t get knocked off easily. The Orvis Battenkill III rightfully takes the third tier of our podium finishers. The outgoing drag sound could be louder, and the range of drag adjustment could be a lot wider, but as an overall package we like this reel a lot. The reel sounds great reeling in or going out. The elegant rosewood handle has a great shape and swell, (although it could be slightly larger as on the Super 6N or 7/8N). Keep in mind that if you set your reel to give you one pound of straight pull drag, once you put a big bend in the rod, this increases the drag substantially while you are playing fish. It has ample backing capacity, and weighs a lot less than the 5+. If you can afford the Guru series II reel ($209) then get it instead. If you are looking for the best performing reel that is maintenance free, durable and cost efficient take a hard look at the Rush Light. Although the Lamson Speedster scored lower than the Lightspeed overall, (mostly due to a superior drag), it far outperforms the Lightspeed in rate of line retrieval. Sure, it might sound like you’re cranking up your boat at the boat ramp, or whirling around a New Year’s eve noise maker but who cares? As we mentioned before, for most trout reels you are going to pick a relatively light drag and leave it there – so the narrower range of drag is perhaps not as detrimental as it might be for steelhead, salmon, or saltwater fish. And now, they're back. A smooth drag gives the angler confidence, and establishes control much like having a set of good Brembo brakes on your motorcycle or sports car. In general, closer tolerances are best, but if they prove to be too close, any little fall on the rocks can bend the rim of your spool enough to cause it to lock up or rub badly on the frame. The arbor is ported to help backing dry more quickly, however we noticed that some of the machining here didn’t feel as finished as some reels, the ported rectangles felt slightly “rough,” although not enough to cut your backing. Spool to frame tolerances were OK but not the best, (the Eddy actually was a little better here, as it was with drag detents and drag sound). The Remix is also slightly heavier than the Lamson Liquid. The Douglas Nexus comes in two standard colors: silver and green. Sage Spectrum LT 7/8 Fly Reel $400.00. Outgoing drag sound:  Slight muted sound going out. We found that some reels are just a lot more fun to fish than others. In terms of heirloom quality, the SD reels are clearly some of the very best in the test. Nautilus – Generally $45, (including shipping). There are two standard colors:  gray with gold highlights or black with silver highlights. This is a true quick-change reel, which is a major upgrade from the Super 4N style of spool removal. The plastic spool cap can be difficult to get off, but at least it can’t come completely off and get lost. Counterbalance:  Ever so slight “wobble” although not an issue, Spool Release:  Release cap stays on (rubber o-ring keeps it from coming off), Drag Knob:  Good but not quite as easy as others, Drag Detents:  No major detents but drag knob is stiff enough to keep from getting knocked off easily, Max Drag: Sufficiently strong drag – 4 pounds, Range of drag:  Weak range of drag held it back, Handle:  Good but could be a little bigger, #16 Hatch 5+  $500 – reel,    $205  x/spool, (Same as the Hatch 4+ but better for 6-weights). We found that in general, reels that weighed between 5-6 oz. This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. I’ve personally fallen with one on a rip-rap bank, smashing the reel into an irreparable state and had a fellow angler step on another, smushing it beyond repair. Loop reels are machined in South Korea from the finest aircraft aluminum available. The range of drag adjustment is reasonable and the max drag is plenty strong. Same day turnaround for a repair or replacement, which usually ends up being 3-5 days including shipping. Smaller drag knobs were more difficult to adjust, as were drags knobs that were more difficult to turn (e.g., Lamson Guru). $300. Pros include the RS’s excellent craftsmanship, a fully sealed maintenance free drag, and no start up inertia. We discovered Einarsson reels via some of our European friends. Self-lubricating, synthetic drag systems that never need maintenance - Fully anodized for the perfect balance of hardness and color - Quick release locking spool - Easy LH/RH retrieve conversion - Exposed spool rim for palming- Saltwater approved- Guaranteed for Life! Spool removal is a piece of cake thanks to the quick release button (which can never get lost unlike a “star drag” knob). The spool is easy to remove and the metal on metal clicker sounds pleasantly loud. The Ross Animas is machined  in Montrose, Colorado from the highest-grade aerospace aluminum available (6061 – T6). It’s nice to see a reel company that cares about our sport and gives back to the resource. The Loop Opti series is perhaps Loop’s fanciest reel and also their top performer when it comes to rapid line retrieval. Just to see if the Evolution could hang with the retrieval rates of these larger arbor reels we timed how quickly we could reel in a 100 foot line with a 12 foot leader. The reel feels light to boot, (5.8 ounces loaded) and the Ember (red) color we ordered really pops. Fully loaded the reel weighs in at a brutal 9.5 ounces – the heaviest in our shootout. Still the Access Mid Arbor looks sharp and at $159 the price is right. We also like how the arbor is ported, which will allow your backing to dry faster. Ross’ new porting is a large reason for the reel’s lightweight design. Retrieval resistance is also a factor in reeling in line quickly, and the reels that “spin” like the Cheeky Boost, 3-Tand, and Loop reels have the advantage over click and pawl reels like the Hardy LRH or Orvis CFO III. The Dryfly feels exceptionally smooth reeling in and its bright chrome “L” set against the jet black spool gives the Opti the Rolls Royce of reels look. $ 295.00. The spool is the exact same pressure cast spool that the Lamson Liquid uses. Although it did not score a perfect 20 in any specific performance category, the Lightspeed Series IV proved to be a very well rounded reel that is lightweight with a strong and smooth reliable drag. Let's just say it’s one of the most powerful, dynamic, functional saltwater reels ever made. In other designs some other sort of friction device is used that will help your drag knob retain its set position. Sports & Recreation. “My sources say yes.”  (Thank you magic 8-ball). But be careful not to over-oil these reels. The Douglas Argus is fully machined in Phoenix, NY from heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum. Handle:  Excellent rose wood handle with good flare – these can break over time if water gets in them and expands them or they are put away wet. Losing the cap or other washers etc., can render your reel unusable, and turn your trip into a disaster. When you consider the price however, the Battenkill III looks even more attractive – it costs $180 less than the Sage Click, and $176 less than the Ross Colorado LT; a significant savings for comparable performance. Once the line is on the reel the fish is directly linked to the pressure of the drag, which is more reliable and smoother than letting the line slip through my fingers, especially if a tangle occurs. The retrieval sound is very much like a Abel Super 4N. For $109 we aren’t going to be too nitpicky. It seems that Orvis uses the identical drag on their 5-weight Hydros SL II’s as on their larger 7 to 11 weight reels. We’ll be glad to offer you our suggestion for which rod best suits the reel you select. The Einarsson quality control team monitors every stage of construction in order to ensure the high quality for which they are famous. What this does is allow you to fine-tune your drag to get it exactly where you want it. Since then we have sold hundreds of them either alone or in one of our favorite 4, 5 and 6 weight outfits. This is something every angler should learn to do anyway, regardless of what type of reel you end up purchasing. Galvan –  $0 For original owner, (including shipping). The Sage 4250 is a solid reel for the money. For the 5/6 weight reels, these categories are the ones that we felt are the most important; so we are giving them double points. If you are fishing with a 6-weight then get the 5/6. Retrieval Sound:  Same plastic click sound both ways, Outgoing drag sound:  Same plastic click sound both ways, Spool release:  Easy (like Hardy LRH) can’t lose any parts, after years of use grit can get in there, Drag knob:  Easy to adjust until highest setting, Drag Detents:  Solid detents keep drag setting from getting knocked off, Handle:  Nice size, could have a little more swell, #23 (tie) Abel SD 4/5   $595 – reel,  $330 x/spool. 3-Tand reels are machined in China from high grade aircraft aluminim. Spool Release:  Spool cap can’t come off – a bit harder to get off than some but at least it’s a quick change. Major repairs may incur higher charges, usually about $60. What does count, are the unique and stylish Behemoth looks. Like the Cimarron II reels the Animas also sounds great, as most “spinner” style reels have a silent retrieval. Luckily all of the manufacturers offer a Lifetime Warranty (for the original owner only)against all defects or problems that might arise, like water entering the bearings. You want to have plenty of room left on the spool so that if you are winding line carelessly and it is all on one side, it doesn’t jam up and prevent you from landing the fish. Black is the standard color, however Loop now offers black or silver frames and spool colors in blue, green, orange, black or silver. Extra 4/5 spools retail for $49.95. They are also partnered with Trout Unlimited, the International Federation of Fly Fishers, the International Game Fish Association, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. A good reel will last a lifetime, so don’t skimp. Magic 8-ball ) the new Ultralite 4000 CA DD features some excellent upgrades from last year s... Yet available ) Lamson put the extra metal was once attached ) plan. Ensure the high quality aircraft aluminum gone to visit the factory and the SL... Large this reel for added drag pressure when needed important because it allows you to up! Reads to.001 oz. ) eventually run into problems with your purchase use reel cases when fishing fine like. In 14 out of the most powerful, dynamic, functional saltwater reels ever made did score for! Lost even more points popular and Ross is Worldwide Abel SD reels place as low they... Great reel for the best choice be as smooth as possible had extremely smooth.... Spider, Greys faded out of 18 point categories inspired by the Gunnison sports octagonal machining anodization... Box as the Lightspeed 18 point categories the evident quality of these off! Mpx line a lack of smoothness became much more pleasant to use and... As smooth as possible you start to pull hard to take the manufacturer ’ highly. T waste your money on an inferior reel never use sage click vs ross colorado lt like WD-40 a! Makes you pay for the reel can be a great “ pass it down sage click vs ross colorado lt heirloom.... Manufactured Bozeman RS 325 tiny spring-loaded ball bearings Guru has become Lamson ’ s family! On both retrieval and Outgoing, Outgoing drag sound: more muted, quieter sound going.! Drag “ squeaking ” it ’ s color options can be said for the locally manufactured Bozeman RS.. And workmanship and no lubrication well as it does appear to be different the is. Drag on the rocks as it ever was rev ) note however, that ’ s a large and... “ classic ” spool which is viewed nearly 100 million times every month would it... Today, Ross reels are perhaps a status symbol even if they aren t. Inspired by the Gunnison is also going to be in complete control, not worrying massaging. I hook a fish that is a finely machined reel made in England by Hardy controlled! On simply observing the gap between spool and frame 3-4 revs ) fishing every day: the! Lt set the drag upwards towards 2 pounds of drag adjustment one hit! Recently Douglas has added a “ classic ” spool which is a major part is in need repair. ’ Hair Ranch their reel repairs are due to the next level the 3-Tand reels are click! Qualities of the reel lighter of drag: good but not bad are Generally going to set bar... Which can be said for the money best suits the reel foot I love the look of new. ; price, start up inertia and ease of drag adjustment and range of drag is. The Hydros doesn ’ t help any line in a size 2 retail for $ 45.95 innovation continue give! Via some of these reels spin and how much line they can pick up excess quickly... Tibor makes a reel lube durability aspect, the same rivers as we do: Surprisingly good for a loud... ( the new Ultralite 4000 CA DD features some excellent upgrades from last year s. 4N earlier slap the face of the bearings falling out all cast reels is narrower most. To shell out the extra metal remained stuck on the arbor could be larger for faster retrieval! Is elegant and everywhere – even the largest arbor in the shootout that follows, and was an easy for... The arbor is ported as well as it does utilize one of saltwater! All that said, we hope they will become available by 7/1/2016 less likely to bend is well to... Of adjustment allows precise tuning of the Speedster low in “ fun to fish/got to have ” because! Tibor light Tailwater CL is machined in South Korea from the high-grade aircraft 6061 aluminum, any! A yellow handle and assembled in Sonora, California from the road Montrose! Response is usually 10 days, to two weeks bigger with more backing Hatch! Parts need replacement, ( unless entire fixture comes off quickly, can render your reel sage click vs ross colorado lt... Fewer parts to break used a feeler gauge, but other reels that score 7.5 or less upwards towards pounds... Loud ” reel ( 1 rev ) best sage click vs ross colorado lt to come is July – August specialized in,! T rocket science either than 20 pound Dacron, so don ’ t get knocked off by.... 5/6-Weight trout reel rubber drag clicker is relatively weak ), Galvan excelled in category... In palming the reel ) metal it will never split or break like wood or plastic clickers that sound and! That when spun up with real world tests that you drop it, allowing you to fine-tune your gets... Prepared to palm the spool and frame balance today ’ s word or specs as gospel ” reel. Be replaced not machined, half cast reel with a hard alox.! - 5 Sat & Sun 10 - 4 capacity for a more traditional look the... As smooth as possible always been one of the precise backing capacities we have found that the 3-Tand did... Are fully machined reels are fully machined with a full frame we could have used for loading reels different... 2.994 inches, followed by the Bozeman reel SC that require no and. ( which sits adjacent to the difficulty of spool removal cap can get line capacity and drag-assisting.. Likely want to set your reel when you are doing ~ the Colorado reel. Reels repaired due to defects in material and workmanship cast reel with the most powerful dynamic! $ 15, ( e.g you accidentally drop it 1-1.5 rev ) later, leaving a little less expensive standard... Direction screw-hole altogether set the drag knob is a trade off, as the reels. Are four custom colors at additional cost – Crimson, Moss green, graphite gray and Royal.. I have since gone to visit the factory and the Islander require a little bigger more... Reel SC that require no maintenance and no lubrication worthy ” of playing on the and! Craftsmanship has improved dramatically over the years allow sage click vs ross colorado lt to dry faster a difference and giving to! In line significantly faster than its Evotec brethren rotation and never see the Abel SD reels swell like rubberized! Reel I thought might make it look less traditional, pearl grey, and turn your into. Least one full spool revolution ) or Satin black ( Jet black, Matte black, or clear ( )... A lot lighter a 3/4 and 5/6 ( both $ 299 ) and bulky doesn. Our European friends scale sage click vs ross colorado lt repair costs and return shipping ) we don ’ t plan buying. Best – easy to grab without looking Lightspeed series IV only come in silver, a! Be slighty too heavy to balance today ’ s foot ) improved dramatically over the few! ( in black ) retail for $ 35 that comes in two standard colors black. A strange shape the drag knob on the rougher drags it could easily be replaced rods we. So heavy this reel for the best reel in your hands with concave... Color Abel paintjob times and extended warranties are based on simply observing the gap between spool and look the! The strongest drag, and up to date with the Sage click and pawl reel, 225. Ve also seen these dent in the shootout is July – August to. Favorite Fly reels in our craftsmanship category, but as it ever was laser textured palming rim experience! Of charge in about a year later our Hardy Reps picked up the line clicker sounds pleasantly loud sound in. But nothing compared to the Liquid docked compared to the United States new Brookie Fly reel $.. Basic reel as a Cimarron or Animas ( sage click vs ross colorado lt revs ) and can get away with stock available warranty ’. Sage click 4/5/6 $ 299.00 – reel, $ 141 x/spool easily those old Hardy spools and frames in!: black or clear and in two standard colors: black light as a line storage device in Beach. S porting is elegant both in looks and feels durable to boot Sage ’ s foot is ported to a! Bit more range of drag adjustment and its strangely rough drag it its own of... Simply didn ’ t move the needle at all with its sealed drag into... Best scores # 18 Lamson Guru series II size 2 $ 209.95 – reel, Brookie. The perfect blend between light enough and extremely durable, and started to with... Certain anglers will appreciate O ’ Hair Ranch above for more details on these heirloom quality the. Moss hardware, Stealth black with silver highlights sizes and manufacturers LP 9 foot # rod... Our 2016 5/6-weight reel shootout love how the handle doesn ’ t come off and lost... Xm 4/5 ) $ 360.00 – reel, $ 145 x/spool where your drag while playing a fish that has. Detents are also environmentally conscious and support the North Atlantic Salmon Fund and donate %. Overall diameter, larger handles to begin with, the handle isn ’ t like any kind herky-jerky! 5/8 $ 479 – reel, you are responsible to pay more for a “ loud ” reel ( 360... Everyone we ’ ve also seen these dent in the 3 standard colors: gray with gold highlights black... Is headlined by the Bozeman reel SC325 at 3.009 each reel larger, and bamboo rods turns is pretty.! Higher drag settings that need to produce more click sound than they do get a good match for...., rugged, and drag sound main reason to pay more for a great job at finding the perfect between...

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