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Repositionable eliminates pinning patterns. Works with cotton or polyester batting. SULKY-Clear non-toxic odorless disappears in 2-5 days. It's much more economical than buying temporary spray adhesive and … This repositionable spray adhesive is clear, non-toxic, odorless, disappears in 2 to 5 days. The “Quilt Basting Spray” was extremely messy (I had it all over my hands), had a ton of over-spray, and had a very strong odor. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for sharing this website Lisa! Clear, non-toxic, odorless disappears in 2-5 days. I became very tired of crawling around on my hardwood floor and putting safety pins in to baste them! There are some methods for this, but I’ve never found anything that does the job right. Thanks so much for your research. I am washing it today and will just stick with cold water and crossed fingers. Thanks for all of the wonderful information! I think many of us were first exposed to 505 spray as a way of basting layers for machine-quilting. That claim, and the much higher price tag in quilts stores made Monica wonder, so she set out to experiment with the pens and see what happens. Basting a quilt can be a bit of a pain. Very old remedy to clean stuff off of your hands #1piecemaker. Elmer's spray glue has a variety of uses including craft and building projects. Thanks Leah! I only needed 4 ingredients, and I already had them all on hand! C. Basting Spray. When I have used commercial spray baste, I usually go outdoors. While we could drizzle this onto our batting, simply drizzing the glue would leave small areas unadhered. Does not stain or gum up the needle. Find a place where you can lay out your quilt. What is That Leather Tool Thing on Your Longarm? Acid-free, odorless, colorless, non-staining, 505 spray can be used in sewing, applique, quilting and paper-crafting. Monica had seen advertisements for the new Frixion marking pens made by Pilot that supposedly disappear when you apply heat. How To Make Faux Vintage Glass Mason Jars, How To Make A Wide Chunky Blanket Binding, These Creative Quilts Could Give Politics A Fun Side, Simple Fall Quilt Drops Cornerstones Quilt Tutorial, Sew An Edgy Twist On Half Square Triangles, Strawberry Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe, 2 cups of water & another cup of water, separated. Even … After that you would have to reapply spray. Click Here to read more…. Quilting and sewing are tactile, squishy, messy, physical, creative endeavors. Thanks a bunch. You should know that while I had the idea that Homemade Spray Baste must be possible, this is not my recipe. Getting the positioning right, making sure it stays in place, and getting everything situated can take a long time, and it's pretty easy to mess up. You can customize your homemade spray starch a few different ways: If you pin it, you can prick yourself or accidentally move a pin out of place. I just checked it out and I love that it shared the truth about sunscreen. Basting spray glues the layers of a quilt together temporarily until you can quilt them together permanently with your sewing machine. That could get very expensive, but silk is produced by silk worms and I don’t think it has a high impact on the environment. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a mad scientist or have access to a state funded laboratory in order to test the materials you’re using in your quilts. Non-toxic. 08-16-2019 12:56 PM. However, fumes can be an issue, as is sticky overspray. General Chit-Chat (non-quilting talk) 36. That’s not to say the day won’t come when I leap into the world of spray basting. And it works well. See more ideas about quilting tips, basting a quilt, quilting techniques. So thanks for bringing it up! They all claim not to gum the sewing needle while you quilt. See more ideas about quilting tips, basting, quilting techniques. Nope, probably not. Now I don’t consider myself an heirloom quilter. Q: How do I use 505 for basting quilt layers? Elmer's spray glue has a variety of uses including craft and building projects. Quilt Basting Spray Item #: JT440 JT-440 440 Baste layers together instantly with this non-aerosol spray. Used for trial fitting of hems darts pockets shoulder pads embellishments and appliqueing. Add your rubbing alcohol and close the lid of your bottle. Quilt makers who wish to use a quilt basting spray in a quilt they intend to become an heirloom should select Spray & Fix. 2.1 1. If you use spray adhesive, it’s super effective but the fumes are overwhelming. Have you ever made a list of all the chemicals going into your fabric, batting, or finished quilt? Read more. 25. At the end of the day, you want a quilt… It dries quickly and the "sticky" disappears. Switching from Free Motion to Computerized Quilting, Clean and Oil Your Janome 1600 Sewing Machine, Piece a Duck and Ducklings Quilt Block – Mini Block #30, Renovation Finished! If kids can eat this stuff at school and we all know that they do unintentionally I know it is safe for my quilts and for the environment. After that you would have to reapply spray. For now though, I think the fume concern is significant enough to keep me unintentionally jabbing myself with straight pins! What about combination tests? If you have allergies, this is probably not a good option for you. She's the creator of the Free Motion Quilting Project, a blog filled with thousands of quilting tutorial videos. This method has lots of fans. You can reposition several times for the first 15-20 minutes. I use this on non-pinked edges of fabric to prevent fray. All the dye in fabric, washed into the water system, chemical sprays, electricity etc, the only hope is that longevity offsets some of the damage. Super Member ... How to Clean Quilt Basting Spray off your cutting board. That’s based on my opinion, my experience, and the way I like to work with fabric. If you know of any other tests that quilters have carried out of quilting / crafting related products, please email me and I’ll add them to this article. It's nice to use spray baste because it's easier to quilt when there's nothing (safety pins) to impede quilting motions. There are so little safety regulations around these kinds of products. I'm getting ready to wash a quilt that I couldn't prewash, and it's a quilt for my son's school auction, due in just a couple of days. Sep 16, 2016 - Now that I have a long arm quilting machine, I don't have to baste my quilt before quilting it ... unless I have a small project that I want to quilt on my domestic quilting machine (can't let those skills deteriorate!). But let’s get back to longevity of our quilts. What happens if you use the basting sprays or webs, but soak your quilt in water immediately after quilting? spray adhesive for quilt basting – a quick how to. Coming off of the holidays, it might be easy to think of basting a turkey, but baking isn’t the only realm that has a form of basting! Acid fre Here’s what you need to make the best DIY basting spray: To make making it and boiling it easier, you will also need: First, bring your 2 cups of water to a boil in your saucepan with your salt and wait until it’s completely dissolved. Thanks for all the info and links. Wait until the mixture cools down to room temperature, then pour it into your bottle using a funnel. Because the labels instruct you to use in a well-ventilated area because the fumes are toxic, I only use them outside. If you pin it, you can prick yourself or accidentally move a pin out of place. Does everyone know about http://www.ewg.org? Sometimes I use glue sticks or Elmer’s glue for applique. 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive Quilt Basting. I have been dabbling with using 505 basting spray to hold the three layers of my quilt together while quilting. Quilt layers and applique lift easily leaving no residue behind. Nice and easy but I wouldn’t use it just as Becky says and others because I am concerned about the health issues for me the quilter, as well as anyone who uses the quilt. Reply 02-17-2020, 11:45 AM #14 Peckish. But there are even MORE chemicals commonly used in quilts! After that you would have to reapply spray. What about the chemicals in our thread?! First of all, when basting a quilt with spray, it is best to use pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics. – Odourless and colorless. Fusible batting? So I'm only stuck with the chemicals that are in the fabric, thread and batting. Have any studies been done to accurately test these materials? Learn how to use spray starch instead of hairspray or glue to baste your quilt. When the water and salt boils, turn down to a gentle boil and add flour and water. There are some methods for this, but I've never found anything that does the job right. Only I WASHED mine. A: Yes, quilt layers and applique lift easily leaving no residue behind. The straight truth is this: cotton fabric, batting and thread will not last forever. But at the same time, I always make sure to soak my quilts in a huge tub of water after they have been quilted. The glue remains flexible even after washing it thoroughly. That’s why when I found the recipe for a DIY adhesive spray, I was super excited. What about spray basting? LeahDay. Great post!! Maybe there will be an unbleached, non coloured quilt trend in future. Tags: basting a quilt quilt batting quilt quilting quilting. Required fields are marked *. They did change their packaging a couple years back and call it "Next Generation". makes 160 gallons. I figured while I was testing basting sprays, I’d test all the other products I use for sewing that are supposed to wash out. Another question to ask is "what harm might these chemicals be causing us quilters?". Temporary Adhesive for Fabrics & Papers – Finally a Basting Spray that does not gum up sewing needles and has no mist. My slightly scientific mind has been thinking about all these chemicals: how they effect our quilts and their longevity. After that you would have to reapply spray. 1 lb. It's aerosol, it gets in the air, it gets on your floor (overspray), your walls, your pets, etc. You can reposition several times for the first 15-20 minutes. Make your own quilt basting spray! It’s extremely eye opening to know what these chemicals can potentially do to our quilts. So all of this has been running through my mind for awhile, and then a few months ago I was emailed by an awesome quilter and long time follower, Monica, who was obviously having similar thoughts. You can reposition several times for the first 15-20 minutes. The best resources for this information are quilt restorers and antique quilt dealers. A very interesting post, Leah. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive is a 4-ounce bottle of fabric glue. Shake the flour and water until it’s combined well. 505 Spray and Fix and Sullivan’s also say they are acid-free. I don't like It turns out they’re interested enough to publish a case study! Used for trial fitting of hems darts pockets shoulder pads embellishments and appliqueing. 2 Quilting Glue Product Reviews. This is a good reason to look at print on demand where only the amount you need is printed with printers that have no extra ink going into the water system. I really don't like basting my quilt with pins or hand basting the layers t. Sep 16, 2016 - Now that I have a long arm quilting machine, I don't have to baste my quilt before quilting it ... Telecast Thursday - Homemade Quilt Basting Spray — Chatterbox Quilts. spray the batting, not the quilt. What happens when you use ABC brand starch with XYZ brand marking pens? Of course, there’s probably a whole stock of chemicals used in the manufacturing process of the fabrics we use that we never even know about. All of that stuff we use to make our projects work better affects the longevity of our quilts and the longevity of our own bodies and those of our family members. Sullivan’s Quilt Basting Spray; June Tailor Basting Spray; All three say they are odorless, colorless, and repositionable. If you pin it, you can prick yourself or accidentally move a pin out of place. Make sure to tape the backing fabric taut to the floor (or large table). It is completely non-toxic and washable. The how part of this method is to start small, then increase. 505 spray is repositonable. Moreover, the product has a lot of coverage, more accurate spray pattern, non-flammable, non-toxic… And the second item, get or make a … New Sullivans Quilt Basting Spray cans are labeled “new and improved” so your results may vary. ; I mixed up a batch of recipe #1 and it worked well, except for the fact that it keep settling. Shake vigorously before each use and it’s all ready! Non toxic too. I never would have thought that they wouldn't last. Repositionable eliminates pinning patterns. Very helpful! It was first published on California Quilting, then Chatterbox Quilts made a video tutorial as well. A quick Google search found that article right here at Foofangle, which shows how easily the different colors erase from different colors of fabric. There are other factors that can shorten the life of the quilt, including the use of poly batting with cotton fabrics (seams eventually rub apart) or the use of poly, rayon or silk thread (which can pull apart from the seams if you use them in piecing.) I am interested in the effects on quilts too but much more concerned about my health and the health of my family. If it’s a liquid marker contacting the fabric, you can bet there are chemicals involved that make the marker show up, or disappear according to how the agents react. Very interesting post. It is more expensive, but less costly when you think of this wider set of costs. You can reposition several times for the first 15-20 minutes. Free Motion Quilting Project © 2021. Elmer's spray glue is extremely easy and inexpensive to make. To be honest, it wasn’t something I even considered when I first decided I wanted to make a quilt. Is there another fabric quilters could use? Jan 29, 2020 - Now that I have a long arm quilting machine, I don't have to baste my quilt before quilting it ... unless I have a small project that I want to quilt on my domestic quilting machine (can't let those skills deteriorate!). ShineOn65. 05-03-2015 10:15 AM. Kim from Chatterbox Quilts has developed a basting spray made with ingredients you probably already have on … Mine is basting. It sets the dye. Basting Spray. It’s just a current decision to keep things a bit more tried, true, and non-toxic! But for many quilters, the idea of passing a quilt down to the next generation (or the next, or the next) is a very big draw. 458 Danbury Road, Unit A18, New Milford, CT 06776 USA • Phone (860) 350-5565 • Fax (860) 355-8737. odif@odif.com I found this recipe at California Quilting and found that it works very well (thanks, Janet!). Tags: Chemicals in quiltsheirloom quiltingspray basting effects. Sneak Peek of New Quilting Rulers with Grace Co. Thanks to Ann Petersen for introducing me to this method of basting.. I love the saving, but I love knowing that my spray starch is free of toxic chemicals even more! Supplies Needed (Pin Basting): blue painters tape pins ruler Supplies (Spray Basting): old sheet (to lay on the floor) non-toxic washable basting spray blue painters tape Pin Basting Spray Basting Back to Top These methods for making a quilt sandwich are for the 18 or 32 square quilt kits. 505 spray is repositonable. Feb 23, 2020 - It Works Just as Well Without Sticky Toxic Chemicals! Meet Leah Day, the creative force behind the Free Motion Quilting Project, Welcome to the Free Motion Quilting Project! (I was very upset.) The purpose of this study was to carry out light and heat aging tests on three types of adhesives used in quilting. Then I use lots of starch when I’m ready to use the fabric in a quilt. I had never even thought about chemicals in quilting before. I would hate to give up quilting but feel extremely guilty now. I don't starch or fuse, or even mark a lot, and my quilts are made to be used, not really displayed, but I think this is important information, not only concerning quilt longevity, but health issues too. Even holds stencils in place while painting. Quilting Studio Tour 2020 – Podcast #140, Let’s Make a Sugar Bowl Quilt Block – Mini Block Monday #29, Piece a Tiny Bears Claw Block – Mini Block Monday #28, Quilting Basics 13: Ruler Foot Quilting for Beginners, To Drop or Not Drop – That is the Question…. Great info. Odif USA 505 Spray is a perfect adhesive for fabric, batting, or even paper. Products tested included three quilt basting sprays: Sullivans, Sulky KK2000, and Spray & Fix 505; three fusible webs: Stitch Witchery, Wonder-Under and HeatnBond; and three fusible battings: Stearns Mountain Mist White Gold (cotton), Hobbs Heirloom (cotton/polyester blend), and June Tailor low loft (polyester).

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